Professional Tree Surgeons in GILLINGHAM, Kent.

  • Do you have a dying tree or a dangerous tree?

  • Do you need to have a tree removed for building work or planning permission?

  • Tree Branches overhang causing issues for Fences and Outer Buildings?

  • Tree(s) causing lack of light?

We can help both residential and commercial properties.

Removing a tree safely requires careful planning, professional equipment and skilled Qualified Tree Surgeons, This is where Valley Garden Care can help, If your not sure what you require please feel free to call us to arrange a free friendly no-obligation quotation & advice.

Our promise and how a quotation works

When you get in contact with us to arrange a site visit, we will arrange a date and time to suit you, either on a  weekend or a weekday late afternoon/evening if possible, depending on our work schedule and location.

We promise to fulfil this on a day and time you choose, if we are delayed due to traffic on the way to you, you will be contacted and kept up to date.

Once we arrive we will walk though with you what you require, we will offer advice if it's required. The price we give you on the day will be the price you pay on completion of the project if you wish to use Valley Garden Care.

We do not have set prices for our work, no half day or full day rates, we price every project as we see it and take everything about the project, access and premises into consideration with our quote.

If the project turns out to be bigger than we quoted for, that's our problem and we will never ask you for more money to complete a job and we guarantee the work will be finished.


We have heard many horror stories of other companies requesting more money to complete the work once they've started, Please never be fooled into these tactics.

We understand

Never feel pressured into committing on the day, we understand you may be getting other quotations from rival companies, In fact we recommend it, competition is healthy and we recommend taking the following points into consideration when getting multiple quotations.

Is the company insured?

You can ask for proof of insurance.

Is the Tree Surgeon NPTC Qualified?

Just like Insurance, You can ask to see proof of qualification.

Is the price too good to be true?

If you have 3 different quotations and one is considerably lower, take into consideration the two points above. The other is timescale for the project to start, most reputable tree companies will have at least a 3 to 4 week waiting list, however the odd cancellation due to nesting and such can happen, but be wary of the "We can start tomorrow".

Pay upon completion.

Most reputable tree companies will not ask for money up front in full, half or a deposit, unless prior agreement if the project is split in different timescale/date sections but again payment should be after completion of each.

If a company is doing the tree work and it's not completed as agreed, don't be fooled into handing over your money, you may not see them again to fulfil the job

Know who you're dealing with.

Be careful of the here one day, gone the next pop-up companies. It's your money and your premises so make sure all the key points above are covered.

Green Waste.

Unless you request for the green waste to remain on the premises, please make sure the company you choose is green waste registered. Fly-tipping is illegal.

If the project is a conifer hedge for example, make sure the team are taking the green waste away and not leaving it in the top of the hedge for you to gradually find further down the line!

Garden Clearances and Tree Surgeons in Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham, Rochester, Strood, including Gravesend, Maidstone and Sittingbourne.

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If a Tree has a TPO ( Tree Preservation Order ), This means the Tree is protected, The Order can cover anything from a single tree to woodlands. Normally, unless a Woodland TPO is proposed, only trees over 3.5m in height are considered for a TPO. Hedges, bushes and shrubs will not be protected. When a Tree has a TPO it will require Permission from the Local Planning Authority before any work can be carried out, in such circumstances it can take up to seven weeks to get an answer from the Council. You can read more about this on the website.

DO NOT have tree work started until you get confirmation back from the council, large fines can occur.

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